7 Things to Do in Kodachrome Basin State Park

Southern Utah offers various national parks and state parks for the outdoor enthusiast to explore.  Kodachrome Basin State Park is one such area.  Towering monolithic spires and the unique red rock formations make this small state park a worthwhile stop on any southern Utah trip.  Named by the National Geographic Society after the iconic color film produced by Kodak, this area became a state park in 1963.  Perhaps one or more of these 7 outdoor activities are just what you are looking for on your next adventure.

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1. Camping

This small state park is a great place to camp.  Two separate campgrounds are located within Kodachrome Basin.  Basin Campground has 34 separate campsites, water, restrooms complete with shower facilities, an RV dumpsite, and even an ADA accessible site.  Bryce View Campground is nearby and includes 11 separate campsites, water, and vault toilets.  Both campgrounds are closed from December 1 to March 1 each year.

We personally loved the availability of a shower.  After hiking and biking in the red dirt, showering at the end of the day felt amazing.  I recommend looking at the map before making camping reservations and make reservations early.  Four weeks before our trip in October 2016, we reserved the last available campsite.

To make camping reservations, book online through ReserveAmerica or call (800) 322-3770.

2. Hiking

If hiking is an activity you enjoy, then you are in luck.  Kodachrome Basin has several trails throughout the small state park equating to approximately 12 miles trails.  No matter which trail you are hiking, make sure have plenty of water, stay on the trails, and wear proper clothing.

Hiking through Kodachrome Basin provided some fabulous views.
Hiking through Kodachrome Basin provided some fabulous views.

3. Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is a unique activity that you can do in Kodachrome Basin.  One or two hour rides are available throughout the day.  With experienced guides, you’ll be sure to have a wonderful experience.

To plan your trail ride through Kodachrome Basin, check out www.redcanyontrailrides.com.

4. Mountain Biking

As a state park, Kodachrome Basin allows biking on several of their trails.  This was a fabulous place to take kids mountain biking.  While most of the trails are shorter in length, the views were incredible and offered some elevation changes.  Make sure to check the map before biking on the trail; bikes are not allowed on some trails.

5. Stargazing While Camping

Far away from any large city and light pollution, this southern Utah park is a fabulous place to stargaze.  Throughout the year, there are several meteor showers.  Plan around one of these wondrous events and you’ll make some incredible memories.

At dusk, this juniper appears illuminated. High in the sky, the moon shines bright.
At dusk, this juniper appears illuminated. High in the sky, the moon shines bright.

6. Picnicking

If you’re not planning on staying at Kodachrome Basin, this makes a wonderful daytrip from Bryce Canyon National Park.  Pack a lunch and enjoy the view of monolithic spires throughout the park.

7. Winter Programs with Park Staff

Though camping is not available during the winter months, the state park offers a variety of winter hikes and presentations.  Sunset hikes, star walks, moonlit hikes, discovering a lava tube, and an archaeological presentation are on the 2016 winter calendar of events.

Space is limited and registration is required for all events.  To register for any program or to find out more information, contact park staff at (435) 628-2255.

More Information

If any of these activities are for you, click on one of the links below for more information.  All fees are subject to change without notice including state park day-use fee, camping fee, and horseback riding.

Red Canyon Trail Rides offers a few different horseback riding options through Kodachrome Basin State Park.  To find out more about trail rides in Kodachrome click on the following link: www.redcanyontrailrides.com

Camping reservations can be made through ReserveAmerica or call (800) 322-3770.  I recommend viewing the campground map before reserving your spot.

The absolute best resource for any park is their website.  Utah does an amazing job of keeping their state park websites up to date with lots of helpful information.  To learn more about Kodachrome Basin State Park, visit www.stateparks.utah.gov/kodachrome-basin.

Have you been to Kodachrome Basin?  If you have, tell me your favorite spots in the park.  We loved the unique landscape, the seclusion, and variety of outdoor activities our family of four could enjoy.

Let's find someplace beautiful to get lost.