Quick Overview of My World

We are a family of adventure enthusiasts.  With our two children in tow, we continually find ways to get outside, get dirty, and push our personal boundaries.  Join us as we explore the outdoors in the Western United States.  We hope to encourage you and your family to find ways to get outdoors.

This is me on one of our many adventures. During this trip we were in Dead Horse State Park, Utah.

We hike and mountain bike often in our local national forest.  We love to be on the river rafting and will travel hundreds of miles for the thrill.  We camp with our pup near rivers we fish.  And for some reason we keep purchasing the Annual National Park Pass as we slowly explore the wonders in our natural world.

We can’t spend all of our time outside and travelling.  Our “everyday life” is full of homework, school functions, trying new sports, loads of laundry, endless cleaning, and lots of meals.

Places We’ve Been in the National Park System

My since we love being outside, here is a list of the places the whole family has been.

  • Canyonlands National Park, Utah – Island of the Sky section
  • Zion National Park, Utah
  • Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
  • Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming
  • Craters of the Moon National Monument, Idaho
  • Golden Spike National Historic Site, Utah
  • Arches National Park, Utah
  • City of Rocks National Reserve, Idaho
I have been to a few other interesting places as well.  Some trips were with friends.  Some trips were with various family members.  They include:
Canyonlands National Park
A view of the La Sal mountains from Canyonlands National Park.
  • Glacier National Park, Montana
  • Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington
  • Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
  • Wind Cave National Park, South Dakota
  • Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii
  • Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, Montana
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial, Washington D.C.
  • National Mall, Washington D.C.
  • Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C.
  • Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Washington D.C.
  • Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington D.C.
  • Devils Tower National Monument, Wyoming
  • Independence National Historical Park, Pennsylvania
  • Mount Rushmore National Memorial, South Dakota

Fun Facts About Me:

I grew up in Wyoming, Colorado, and Montana.  Both my parents were born in Montana and I will probably always call it home.  My grandma’s small ranch is my favorite place on earth.  Simply being there puts my soul at peace.

I graduated college with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and a minor in History.  I worked in the professional world as an engineer for a few years.  While I loved it my engineering work, I missed my little ones terribly.  I am currently spending my time hanging with my littles until they are in school full-time.  I love getting to hear their little stories every day, all day.  I currently use my engineering degree to fix toys and things around the house.

I think I’ve watched every musical ever made and I love them all.  I once had the pleasure of seeing Guys and Dolls in London and LOVED every minute of it.

I’ve been to Europe twice.  The first trip was a three-week adventure I had in college.  We spent time in France, England, and a few short days in Ireland.  Somehow, I had found the perfect travel companion because we still liked each other after three whole weeks!  The two of us returned to Ireland many years later to explore some more.

I am lucky that my husband is willing to try anything with me.  On the flip side, that means I have to be willing to try anything, too.  Most of our life decisions are quick.  We bought our first house 6 hours after beginning our search.  My husband bought our second house two weeks after starting that search.  I wasn’t able to see it due to distance and I thought we had bought a different house that was on the same street.  I think I found out the next day what house we had bought.  Those kinds of things make me laugh and make for great stories.

Speaking of great stories, we sold our house while on a multi-day rafting trip.  Modern technology is allows for crazy schemes like this!

I love trying different beers.  When we travel, we often look for breweries along the way.  There’s nothing quite like an outdoor adventure followed by a refreshing beverage (IPAs are my current favorite).