Only 18 Summers

Earlier this summer, we took our first backpacking trip.  In a rare moment, the hubby and I were sitting around the campfire alone.  He suddenly said, “You know, little man is almost 9.  In 9 more years he’ll be out of the house.”  Think about that for a bit.  Our oldest is almost halfway to being a legal adult, halfway to high school graduation, halfway to moving out, and we’ve used half of our 18 summers.

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18 Summers

The term “18 Summers” has been stuck in my mind lately.  If we’re lucky, parents have 18 summers to spend with their children.  I say “if we are lucky” because, well, life happens.  We personally spent an entire summer moving from one state to another, taking away one of those precious summers.

This summer, the hubs and I focused on spending quality time with our not so little, littles.  We’ve camped, hiked, fished, rafted, biked, and even saw the eclipse with the kids.  We saw waterfalls, an abandoned mine, a fort replica, Old Faithful, and the Pacific Ocean.  We visited the one room schoolhouse my mom, grandma, and great grandfather went to after I completed a 20 mile race on top of a mountain range.  We watched the hubby complete a mountain bike race on a weekend camping trip.  And that last weekend before the kids returned to school, we spent two days on the river with great friends, met my nephew for his birthday dinner, and spent an entire day watching totality of the “Great American Eclipse”.

All of these adventures are so worth the memories.  But they do come with stresses.  We forgot to pack two sleeping bags on a camping trip.  On another camping expedition, I spent a few hours looking for what turned out to be the very last camping spot for miles around.  I “creatively” parked my truck and attached bike rack in Portland, Oregon, quickly remembering why compact vehicles exist.  I didn’t pack enough food for an overnight raft trip leaving me quite “hangry” on the final day.

What Will You Do With 18 Summers?

Life becomes crazy in an instant.  Between work, home responsibilities, and all the activities the kids participate in, it’s often hard to make time for those unique and special moments.  With only 18 short summers, what will you do?  What’s on your bucket list?  Do your kids have a bucket list?  It’s not to late to plan for next summer.  In fact, we already have a weekend booked for 2018.  How about you?

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